2015: Another year of success for Smart Organic

Jan 17, 2016

In the beginning of February Smart Organic published its annual report for 2015. Its sales grew 97% year-on-year to BGN 16.8 million. This growth was triggered by new markets penetration, as well as by the strengthening of the company’s position in the markets it is already present.

In Bulgaria Smart Organic’s sales grew by 45% in 2015 compared to the previous year. The company’s products are now offered in all major food retailers, petrol stations and specialized organic stores. The sales in the company’s franchise store chain, Zelen Bio, have also increased. In 2015 the online platform of Zelen Bio was upgraded, giving customers an opportunity to shop quickly and easily at a time of their convenience.

2015 was also successful for Smart Organic’s international trade, as the company continued its expansion and entered seven new markets. At the end of the year its products were offered in 45 countries worldwide.

In 2016 the company plans to enter the Romanian market with trade representatives of its own.

In Europe Smart Organic continues to be mainly focused on the markets of Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Benelux and the UK.
The company’s most successful brand – RooBar – was listed in some of Europe’s major food retail chains, including Germany’s leader EDEKA, Metro (in Germany and Bulgaria), DM (in Germany and Bulgaria), and others.

“2015 was indeed very successful for us and we achieved great results” – said Yani Dragov – owner and CEO of Smart Organic. “Stepping in new markets was a huge challenge for us, but our products are quickly gaining customers’ trust and are becoming their preferred choice. For 2016 our goals are even more ambitious – new markets, new innovative products, as well as a partial rebranding of our portfolio. We are also planning the launch a new line for organic vegan cookies, as well as an increase in the production capacities in our packaging facility.”