Distribution in Bulgaria


Distribution portfolio of 1400+ SKUs across all main food, drink and cosmetics categories


A mix of leading branded- and private label products, offering a competitive advantage in price


Own 1500 sq.m. warehouse in Sofia


A trained sales force team, covering the entire country


Presence at more than 1200 outlets


Strong brand marketing support team

We take pride in the meticulous product selection approach toward building our portfolio in various food, drinks and cosmetics categories. To learn more about the brands we represent exclusively, click here.

We deliver to all organic and health food stores in Bulgaria.

We deliver to all major supermarkets,HORECA, gas stations, pharmacies.

Logistics and Client Service Excellence

The company’s headquarters are located in Sofia where our main office, warehouse and production facilities are all at close proximity. Distribution and delivery are executed via a private courier company. Our team receives client orders both over the phone (0877 533 005) or via e-mail (at order@smartorganic.eu), which helps us ensure delivery within 24 hours for Sofia and within 72 hours for the rest of country.

delivery within 24 hours for Sofia

delivery within 72 hours for the rest of country