Distribution in Bulgaria

Smart Organic has a team of highly-professional and experienced sales representatives. They have established a relationship of mutual respect and loyalty with over 500 clients in Bulgaria, including health and organic stores, retail chains, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations and others.

The company’s main storage and office building is located in Sofia. Distribution is executed via a private courier company. The company receives orders over the phone or via e-mail, which means that delivery can be expected within 24 hours for Sofia and within 72 hours for the rest of Bulgaria.

We are aware of the needs and expectations of our clients and we do everything possible to satisfy them.

We would like to ask you to complete the attached survey for evaluation of our services. We appreciate your opinion and recommendations to help us improve the quality of our work and professional relationships.

Please send the completed survey to hr@smartorganic.eu.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Survey sheet


За поръчки в страната

Камелия Димова
Тел.: 0877 533 005

Търговски представители

Драгомир Цветанов Тел.: 0877 05 32 11

Дилян Караиванов Тел.: 0895 549 914